Welcome to LBMS: The way the world plans to build

LBMS is working at the international leading edge of the development of new systems for the efficient production management of construction. We work in cooperation with international developers such as DynaRoad and Microplanning. These are developing major new systems to support those construction firms who wish to work faster and smarter. Currently we are expanding a suite of procurement tools to deliver work-flow solutions in construction. Right now we can improve productivity, reduce cost and harmonise your projects.

We have identified the principle of location-based management in construction. Location-based management provides improved planning, scheduling and control of projects by using small units of location to manage complex project information in a pre-emptive manner. This allows planning for efficiency and provides the information for commitment and control during construction. Planning for efficiency can deliver dramatic savings in construction costs.

  • Contractors can benefit from the savings through reducing their costs and being more competitive in the market.
  • Clients can benefit from reduced project cost, better information flow and reliability and improved quality.

Our project services range from commercial construction to civil construction and use a suite of exclusive software tools.

We don't just work in commercial construction. In civil construction we specialise complex locational projects and in maintenance scheduling. In civil construction we also specialise in linear projects, such as road and rail, where we use the DynaRoad software package to provide mass-haul optimisation and scheduling. This powerful package provides the most comprehensive solution to the complex task of balancing materials and scheduling excavation, haulage and fill on major infrastructure projects. The new visualisation tools in DynaRoad Release 5 provide hitherto unknown power for planning, visualizing and controlling complex linear projects. Thus mass haul can be optimized plus complex schedules (well beyond mere mass haul) can be built, visualised and controlled.

Posted by LBMS n April, 2014