LBMS services

LBMS will show you how to transform the management of your project, using both macro and micro management techniques.

This is done in two ways:

  • Changing the way you plan work.
  • Changing the way you procure and manage work.

Adopting our methof of project flow management, will deliver the following benefits:

  • Faster projects
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced waste
  • Easy site communication
  • Greatly improved planning
  • Harmonious subcontractor relationships
  • Predictable work flow - efficiency and reliability
  • Better confidence of project success


LBMS Pty Ltd have been involved with the project management of capital works since 1991. Our experience varies from financial and capital budget analysis through feasibility analysis to full project management services including cost and time management.

Recently we have focused our work on the area of construction production management and production efficiency. In this area we are developing new location-based methodologies for the planning, scheduling and control of construction work. This is part of an international effort to develop better ways of managing construction projects, including infrastructure projects

We currently offer specialized support scheduling services to projects which are adopting a location-based methodology. To this end we engage with specialist consultants as to assist with regional support in addition to our own resources. These resources are used to supplement the builders own in-house or contracted planning resources.

We currently prefer to support builders own scheduling as this will develop greater understanding of the methodology. It is important that location-based management not be seen as a plug-on to normal project management. Rather it should involve a different mode of operation, one which is much closer focused on an awareness of resource efficiency and early notice of task progress. We advocate a collaborative planning process, involving team members and as many sub-contractors as possible. Our emphasis is on aligned production rates and work flow, so we will also work to develop mechanisms of cooperative planning and commitment on the projects.

To facilitate the planning, scheduling and control processes we can provide:

  • Software to Contractor
    • Baseline, current and control phase
    • Sub-contractors – individual current schedules (within contractors baseline) and control phase
  • Training
    • Planning and baseline scheduling
    • Current phase scheduling and micromanagement
    • Control phase monitoring and reporting
  • Assistance with schedule preparation
  • Team building and production alignment workshops
  • Advice on strategies for embedding efficiency into claims defense
  • Advice on strategies for negotiating productivity gains from sub-contractors

The best way to engage with the location-based management system is to provide an early location-based measure (BOQ) of builders trades and to apply production rates and work crews to develop flowlines. Resource optimization is through crew management with workable backload for multiskilled trades such as mechanical or electrical. The efficiency in the scheduling system means that very complex schedules can be built rapidly, but as with all new powerful software, there is a need for skill development before this process can be described as easy. LBMS will support the project through that process.

We recommend that consideration be given to engaging major sub-contractors directly in the process, right through to directly scheduling, monitoring and controlling their own tasks (within the baseline limits). This will greatly enhance trade performance. We also recommend that a site cadet be used to undertake monitoring functions during the project, as timely status data will be critical to the forecasting phase of project control.

LBMS will assist with Client interaction and forming of project reports. We can also assist with procurement issues such as negotiation of gain share should this be desirable, both with Clients and Sub-contractors.

Posted by LBMS on April, 2014